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Kazara created the topic: EA's UFC 3 includes micro transactions that may upset gamers again

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It's just not EA's year, 2017 didn't start off well, with Mass Effect Andromeda bombing and being torn apart by critics, review, and fans, then they had a massive backlash to Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransactions. Fans turned the tide of the massive publisher desire to push paid loot crates, in the end, EA backed down, temporarily, and even Disney got involved. It's been a hellish nightmare for EA, so bad the company lost $3 billion in valuation on Wall Street.

EA has another game on their release schedule that may cause even more controversy, UFC 3 due out February 2, 2018. UFC 3 is currently in open beta on Xbox One and PS4 and fans are already biting at the bit to shut down EA again for their use of microtransactions, this time in the form of loot "packs."

These loot packs apparently are the only way to unlock new characters and move sets within a certain mode called Ultimate Team. EA's quick to point out that their loot packs won't affect modes outside of the Ultimate Fighter option, like exhibition (quick play). That being said, that's like saying your broken window on your car, won't bother you because it only causes really loud noise on the highway, not in the city. Fact is, it still happens. If anything, the Ultimate Fighter mode is where players will spend most of their time and because of that, being able to only unlock moves from packs, is once again a predatory move.

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