Topic-icon Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation 4: Which should you buy?

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9 months 4 weeks ago #44795 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation 4: Which should you buy?
Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation 4: Which should you buy?

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Just like the Wii U and the original Wii before it, Nintendo wants it’s next console, the Nintendo Switch, to differentiate itself from its more standardized competition, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The Switch, which can play games on a TV when connected to a dock, or played on the go as a portable console, certainly stands out, but also features plenty of small touches similar to what you’d find on the PlayStation 4.

In the past, Nintendo has positioned its consoles as complementary machines. Instead of serving as your primary game console for third-party releases like Mass Effect: Andromeda or Madden NFL 17, the Wii and Wii U offered unique, primarily first-party experiences that are only possible on a Nintendo system through motion control and touch support. The Switch is capable of offering similar experiences as we’ve seen in demonstrations for games like 1-2 Switch and Arms, but it’s also positioning itself as a capable home console, potentially being the only one you need in your living room.

We would hold off on throwing out your PlayStation 4. Aside from the fact that the Nintendo Switch won’t be available until March 3, Sony’s console remains a fantastic option for playing both exclusives as well as multiplatform releases, and still offers a number of features absent on the Nintendo Switch. Below, we’ve detailed the differences and similarities to expect with each console in order to help you make the best purchasing decision.

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9 months 4 weeks ago - 9 months 4 weeks ago #44796 by MMO_Doubter
MMO_Doubter replied the topic: Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation 4: Which should you buy?
I have been following the story of the Switch for a few months.

Initially, I was intrigued by the option to take the same game from a home console setup on the road as a handheld. I am someone who likes to get buried in a game. Opting for sessions of 6+ hours. That probably explains why I keep trying to find a worthwhile MMORPG to live in. Back in its first year, I literally lost a day a couple of times playing weekend sessions of War Hammer Online. Starting a Friday evening session and later ending with the sunrise - only to find that it was SUNDAY morning, not Saturday.

With the Switch, my initial interest has diminished with virtually every revelation.

Cost, poor release lineup, Cost of peripherals, lack of a pack in game (which is what 1, 2, Switch should have been), lack of third party support, etc.

Hearing that Breath of the Wild was technically beatable in 15 minutes was the final straw.

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