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Kazara created the topic: Nintendo Shipping Out More Switch Units In July, August To Meet Demand

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Over on the official Nintendo of Japan website, Nintendo posted an apology about the shortage of Nintendo Switch units, humbly and graciously thanking fans for their support.

The site basically states that after becoming available on March 3rd, 2017 earlier this year the Switch went on sale. However, the system has been suffering from shortages ever since launch. Originally Nintendo underestimated the popularity of the Switch and only had just over 2 million SKUs made available worldwide.

The Switch sold out pretty quickly and the 2 million SKUs were quickly fulfilled.

Nintendo, however, could not fulfill demand because Apple's latest products required the exact same components as the Switch, and now both Apple and Nintendo are fighting for parts to fulfill manufacturing orders of their products, so throughout May there was an even greater shortage of Switch units.

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