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If you spend a lot time in the world of gaming, you know that independent games are a big deal. For some, it might feel like these games came out of nowhere. In reality, though, it’s been a long and storied road to get these games to consumers.
The Early Days: A World of Obscurity

The earliest days of gaming were, technically, made of nothing but independent developers. The lack of an established gaming industry in the late 1970s meant that the companies that made games were, at least by modern standards, the equivalent of current indie developers. It didn’t take long, though, for these small developers to be pushed out by larger conglomerates.

By the 1980s, a great deal of gaming’s momentum was tied up in arcades. If you wanted to get an arcade game made, you worked with one of a small number of major publishers. There was no such thing as an indie scene in the arcade world, though there were doubtlessly individuals who owned private cabinets and would tinker with the programs.

Most of the early indie gaming scene revolved around early home computers. The first PCs were affordable enough that hobbyists could finally started making games on their own. These games were rarely in anything that could be considered wide distribution, but they did exist. A fair number of major game programmers would come out of this burgeoning independent scene.

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