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6 months 2 weeks ago #46216 by kefkah
kefkah created the topic: Middle Earth: Shadows of War... Microtransactions and more
In short, a single player full priced game with a pay to win system that can be avoided by grinding... fuck them. Loved the last game but fuck this shit.

Mirian is one type of currency that can be acquired in the game defeating Orcs, scrapping gear in exchange for Mirian, or destroying Orc followers in exchange for Mirian. The Mirian can then be used to buy XP boosts, loot chests, boost chests, war chests, and other gear.

The chests are identical to the random loot chests found in other games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike or Payday 2. They contain a variety of gear that ranges in quality from common to legendary.

If you’re having a hard time acquiring Mirian, you can use gold instead to buy microtransaction items. Gold can be acquired by participating in community challenges, completing milestones or spending real money to own a select amount of gold through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store or adding it to the Steam Wallet.

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