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Kazara created the topic: “Suicide Simulator” Appears on Steam, Proving Valve Really Doesn’t Give a Shit

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With more games being released via Steam than ever, you’d think that Valve would want to perhaps curate what goes on there. It wouldn’t be that hard; you’d just need to play a game for 30 mins or so before making it live to make sure it’s not an asset flip or just a general piece of trash. In some cases you wouldn’t even need to play a game to discover that it’s not suitable. Take, for instance, if an individual or a company wanted to put a game called “Suicide Simulator” on the store, you’d know to say “hell no!” to that, right?

Well, in Steam’s case it appears not, as that’s a game that has just appeared on the store today. That’s right, Suicide Simulator is a game you can buy right now. And its description spells out exactly what it is: “You are alone on a beach with suicidal thoughts, there is nothing left for you in this world. End your life using a variety of different tools and methods.” Valve has seriously lost the plot. Either that, or it never had any sense in the first place, and we’re just finally seeing how apathetic and moronic it really is.

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