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3 months 2 weeks ago #46931 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: ESPN Can’t Afford Monday Night Football Any More

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Another way to put this would be as follows: ESPN’s business is collapsing so rapidly that they are now trying to figure out which would be more destructive — losing billions on the NFL or losing billions in cable and satellite revenue because they don’t have the NFL.

This won’t be a negotiation, it will be a hold up where ESPN tries to beg the cable and satellite companies not to take all the money out of their wallets because they need the bus fare to get home.

Put simply, ESPN’s business is screwed and they’re trying to make it look like that’s a good thing by leaking this story to a friendly source.

This qualifies as a blockbuster revelation because it provides crystal clear evidence of what I’ve been telling you for the past couple of years — ESPN’s business is collapsing and they have no solution to prevent it.

Sure, ESPN employs a ton of PR executives — at least for now — to try and argue publicly that I’m not telling the truth and that I’m biased against the company, but look at everything I’ve reported about ESPN — it has all come true.

And it’s all still coming true. I told y’all a month ago that ESPN was going to be laying off more people. And what news broke last week? More layoffs.

I told you a couple of years ago that the Monday Night Football deal would be the moment when others started to realize just how screwed ESPN’s business was. And guess what happened this morning? The news caught up to my prediction of a couple of years ago.

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm,” to which Trump whispered back, “I am the storm.”

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