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3 months 1 week ago #46958 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Video Game Addiction | Cam Adair and Stefan Molyneux

"My problem is I can't find the time to get addicted to video games like I was as a kid."

"Summary: two rage quiters blame society for their lack of skills in what is a long shot attempt to get the more skilled players to quit playing (thus removing the competition). Resist manipulation! Play more video games!"

"Video game addiction is very real. I've experienced it and it has held me back from pursuing things and experiencing things that I've wanted to. The artificial feeling of success, the dopamine released when you hit some milestone in game had replaced real progress for me. Thankfully I recognized this problem and have begun to work through it. So glad Molyneux has had a guest to speak about it!"

"The fact that the largest publishers are incorporating what is essentially gambling with things like loot boxes into there main stream non mobile games, now It is defiantly addictive. Some game makers are intentionally putting addictive elements into there games just to make money."

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