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Kazara created the topic: Ultima Online fires employee over cheating scandal

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In its most recent newsletter, UO studio Broadsword explains that an Event Moderator — one of the studio contractors paid to run live events for the game’s production shards — was caught cheating, generating what appears to have been large amounts of rare-dyed cloth and dozens (“150+”) of unique items, which were then circulated into the already beleaguered player economy. In UO, the so-called “rares market” involves the sale and display and items that exist only in tiny batches thanks to these types of customized events, and a large part of the game (and its bloated gold economy) revolves around trading legitimate rares. It goes without saying that mass-creating those types of items for personal gain is the worst offense for a studio contractor.

“The Event Moderator program has been going strong nearly 8 years now, and we have all worked hard to ensure its success,” Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong told players in the newsletter. “Please know that this situation has not been taken lightly, nor is this behavior tolerated.”

The fired EGM has apologized to the players and staff on the Stratics forum, suggesting his rares-collecting hobby had become an obsession that led to corruption. He apparently owned many accounts and homes full of rares in-game — on my own current home shard, as a matter of fact — and while Mesanna says all his accounts have been banned, an investigation into other buildings and items is apparently still ongoing.

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