Topic-icon Patreon investigates (and clears) Sargon of Akkad for "misconduct" at VidCon

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7 months 3 weeks ago #45862 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Patreon investigates (and clears) Sargon of Akkad for "misconduct" at

"How the fuck was Sargon in the wrong in the first place? He was just sitting there. Is this opposite day?"

"Can I point out that not only was Anita's behaviour towards Sargon disgusting, but that she was also a shit panelist? What kind of guest sits on a panel and spends most of it glued to their phone? You're there to contribute, to inform and entertain the paying con attendees. But not only did she ignore and intimidate other panelists, she harassed the audience and threw a hissy fit because some of the attendees were people she didn't like?

A lot of the blame lies with Vidcon. Even at anime and furry conventions there is an unspoken rule to not bring your personal drama to the panels, and it's extremely poor form to be on your phone when you're supposed to be participating in the panel. Even with them she would have been disinvited from being a guest in the future. But the Vidcon staff seem totally incapable of running a competent con space."

"Now I'm pissed. It's one thing to attack a man verbally, but to go after his livelihood?! WTF. Anita and her cronies can go to hell"

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