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2 months 2 weeks ago #46608 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Youtube Begins Blocking Patreon Links Embedded on Videos for Non-Partners

99% of the creators aren't able to monetize most of their content so isn't this a huge mistake?:

"Get a whiteboard and have your patreon link in the background of your vids hahaha"

"It seems Youtube is forcing it's self out of being the preferred streaming video site. Once another streaming video site works out the bugs, and manages to actually promote free speech without any censorship. Youtube is going to fall from it's no1 slot. People are NOT happy about all this Youtube demonetization/Big Brother bullshit. I wish Youtube would quit folding to PC pressure, and return to it's old system, however I doubt that will ever happen. Youtube get you shit together, or become irrelevant in the Alt-Future that is coming."

"Fuck Google. Link to a word doc that has the patreon link in it"

"If YouTube were not caught up in their censorship/demonetization efforts beforehand, I don't think that people would interpret their latest Patreon actions as another attack on free speech. YouTube should have left well enough alone. Period."

"Don´t you think that Youtube, Google and the likes are at point where they are totally willing to loose hundreds of millions on revenues to enforce their political agenda? In the end THEY loose tons of money with the current development. Maybe it is already too late to use money as leverage against them because they would rather go broke than stop censorship. Like Putin said, the North Koreans would rather eat grass than stop their nuke development - let them at least eat (more) grass then by the way - maybe Google + YT will NEVER stop their ways. Who really has the money to establish something to replace them?"

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm”, to which Trump replied
“I am the storm”

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