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Kazara created the topic: The anatomy of a review bombing campaign
The anatomy of a review bombing campaign

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Do these bombs do anything?
It’s hard to say without having access to sales information, but the negative reviews rarely have anything to do with the game itself. Sometimes they happen due to the actions of the developer, and other times they’re posted to draw attention to a particular problem in a game’s update or some other unresolved issue.

In other words, review bombs take place not to talk about the quality of the game in any kind of general sense, and they’re rarely posted to give any information about whether or not they should buy the game itself. The most popular use of review bombs is to send a message about one particular issue or perceived wrongdoing on the part of the developer or publisher.

They do bring attention, both good and bad, to the issue that’s angering those who are posting the negative reviews. These bombs are talked about, which means the actions that the bombs are meant to protest get more publicity. They are successful if judged only by the attention they gather, which means they are likely to continue unless Steam takes other measures to limit their efficacy.

We can debate the “proper” use of customer reviews, but their utility for sending this kind of message is hard to argue. It has been interesting, anecdotally, to hear so many players defend review bombs due to the fact they feel like there is no other way to get the attention of a developer.

They may hurt sales, or they may make the mob seem sinister, but they do gather that one resource very well. They do get your attention.

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