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3 months 3 weeks ago #46811 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Loot Boxes NOT Gambling? Patent on Microtransactions! Ign Buys Humble Bundle

"It's not that I think IGN will do anything nefarious with Humble Bundle, it's that I don't trust them not to fuck it up."

"It absolutely is gambling, wtf was wrong with just letting the consumer buy the thing they want directly, that's how most purchases work. It's like buying those bins/storage containers on storage wars - it could have complete shit in there. They know they're gambling buying those bins. This is the same thing, just in a virtual context!"

"Boogie I hate to break it to you but nobody follows those fucking ratings. I'm sorry there are too many times I've seen somebody buy a video game rated M for Mature 17 + only for a 12 year old. Shit go to on Xbox Live and hear at all the squeakers, on CoD, on BF1, ect... the only way something's going to happen is when some dumb sap has his credit card attached to his kids Xbox Live account and the kid buys 10 grand worth of loot boxes."

"Bumping up the rating on a game to Mature will do nothing in regards to loot boxes. A rating doesn't stop kids from playing games like GTA 5 or Call of Duty. Why would it do anything for loot boxes? Mom will come in and buy the game for their kid like they already do. The argument for a rating is pointless when the rating itself means nothing to the average player and their parents."

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