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Kazara created the topic: Conservative Hispanic Writer Jon Del Arroz Banned from Worldcon
Conservative Hispanic Writer Jon Del Arroz Banned from Worldcon Sci-Fi Convention

Snippet -

Del Arroz believes that the banning is politically motivated since he is not only a science fiction author but a strong conservative voice at The Federalist and Dangerous (Milo Yiannopoulos's new venture) who routinely speaks out about the blacklisting of conservative voices in science fiction.

"With Worldcon's statements about 'intent' to violate their rules, and failure to specify rules, this is a clear targeting over my politics because I'm a vocal Christian and Hispanic Trump supporter," says Del Arroz. "The left claims I should be banned for controversial political opinions, but the only opinion I espouse on a regular basis is that artists should not be blackballed for their politics. That shouldn't be a controversial topic. It is imperative that artists be free from fear of retaliation of their industry in order that they might create great works of art. This is the ultimate free speech issue."

Del Arroz is contracted as a writer for Castalia House's spectacular answer to SJW Marvel, Alt*Hero, which will issue a major challenge to social justice messaging in comics. PJ Media reached out to Castalia's lead editor, Vox Day, for his take on the blacklisting. "The decision of the SJWs at the 2018 Worldcon to ban a well-known Hispanic conservative from attending the event is not surprising," said Day. "It is, however, not a little ironic, as they have historically had no problem permitting child molesters and convicted sex criminals to attend Worldcons over the years, including Walter Breen, Arthur C. Clarke, David Asimov, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Edward E. Kramer." The Walter Breen incident with Worldcon was especially horrifying as told by his daughter Moira Greyland Peat in her latest tell-all, The Last Closet, which describes her life growing up in a pagan LGBTQWTF family and spills the darkest secrets of a science fiction community that turned a blind eye to child sex abuse.

And the Deep State whispered to Trump “You can’t withstand the storm”, to which Trump replied
“I am the storm”

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