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Kazara created the topic: 21% Of Game Developers Feel Studios Should Focus On Diversity In Gaming

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One fifth of game developers who participated in the IGDA 2017 satisfaction survey believe that game development studios need to focus more on adding diversity into their games. According to the survey results, exactly 21% of respondents felt that “more diversity in game content” would help with future growth and success. 22% of developers felt that the industry would succeed more if advancements in game design and technology were pursued instead of diversity.

In a way, you can literally see how the two opposing philosophies play out on the market. Games that try to put diversity before gameplay design – such as Mass Effect: Andromeda – flopped horribly; whereas games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that focused on new ideas and advanced gameplay concepts, flourished with more than 26 million sales.

We also saw how a game like Wolfenstein 2 – desperately trying to focus on sociopolitical messaging and “diversity” – ended up selling a lot less on PC than a game like Cuphead, proving that gameplay matters more than diversity quotas. In fact, according to Steam Spy, Cuphead almost outsold Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus three-to-one.

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