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2 weeks 17 hours ago #47922 by Kazara
Kazara created the topic: Harry Potter fans are mad Dumbledore isn't Gay in FANTASTIC BEASTS 2

In 2007, JK Rowling shocked the Harry Potter fandom when she announced that Albus Dumbledore was gay. In FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD, Dumbledore's sexuality isn't an issue...and that is causing lots of fans to get super mad at the author.

"I can't understand the logic behind Rowling on this other than wanting to cash in on the Tumblr crowd without giving them something they'd like. Intentionally leaving his sexuality out of all official canon seems like they're just trying to get attention for being progressive without following through."

"Dumbledore isn't gay - JK Rowling is just lazy and was pandering to idiots in 2007."

"You know... There is a lot more to his character then his sexuality... I agree that Rowling has the final say, as such if she says it, cool, not every character can be the super outwardgoing gay stereotype, some are more reserved and rather indistiguishable from straight folk. (Remember that Albus has lived a long and intresting life, and as far as we know, he may not even have discovered his sexuality at this point of the story!) Honestly this is just stupid, people looking for more shit to complain about, give it a rest."

"I've said it before but I guess I'll have to say it again, there's a difference between a gay character, and a character who's only defining characteristic throughout a film, book, or game is that they are gay. I don't care that Dumbledore is gay, the IMPORTANT things about him are that he was an extraordinarily accomplished wizard, he had outstanding moral character, and more than anything else he was well written."

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