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11 months 2 weeks ago - 11 months 3 weeks ago #40603 by Kazara

I wanted to tell my story before anyone else did.

TL;DW option - Cosplay put me into the culture wars conflict cross-hairs so I lost my job. Please donate to my Pateon.

Unfortunately for her, she lost her job with The Escapist due to the recent layoffs and none of the people that lost their jobs were offered a move and a position at the other The Escapist location last I read. She has done some great articles and videos, but I am not sure how much of her controversial position in the culture wars was responsible for her job loss. However, controversial positions in the industry can make life in the industry more difficult. It sounds like she feels not doing cosplay will help.

Democrats not wanting to give up their illegal workers is the modern day version of Democrats not wanting to give up their slaves.
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