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3 years 5 months ago #35090 by Temploiter
Temploiter created the topic: Fast Travel and Spawning in Albion Online
Several months ago, I posted an introduction to an isometric throwback to the days of Ultima Online called Albion Online.

The most recent Dev Blog for that game talks about it's 'fast travel' system. Keeping in mind it's more retro theme, they have implemented Fast Travel as over seaways only, and only between safe harbors. The Fast Travel will have a high cost as well, discouraging its frequent use. In fact, the cost will increase the more gear you are carrying: those ship captains have tonnage fees, you know.

It also discusses spawning and corpse runs. Initially, respawning only happened in a region's capital city. Now, with the new property ownership and housing systems, you can choose your own house as a spawn location if you die. New possible spawning locations now include:
• Nearest city or hub
• Nearest exit (when death occurs in a safe PvE zone)
• Nearest Territory or guild-owned city
• Player house declared as a residence.

Check out the rest of the blog here:

The game is looking pretty promising, I'm signed up for Alpha Testing. If I get in I will dutifully report any updates that I legally can.

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