MMOFringe returns to the airwaves in its third podcast aptly named Pandamonium. Seven of joins up with Kefkah and Shayde to talk about such hot topics like PC vs Console, Free to Play, Wondering how SOE stays in business (ok, this really isn't all that hot of a topic - just a Fringe favorite), and Pandamonium - a few minutes where Seven vents about the decision making abilities of Blizzard. Believe it or not but we actually trimmed like 30 minutes from this podcast and it still comes in at a heft 59 minutes of meaty discussion.

And speaking of meaty discussions - our next podcast will be our much discussed TOR Roundtable where various members of the Fringe will join in and talk about the newly launched MMO. This promises to be something like a cross between Jerry Springer and UFC - so stay tuned as this is something you will not want to miss.

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