Raph Koster's MMOFringe Q&A

Raph KosterMMOFringe was recently honored by Raph Koster when he decided to answer a few questions our members had posed. For those who don't know, Raph Koster is a gamesmith and one of the creative minds behind such MMO classics as Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. He's also an accomplished author and his book A Theory of Fun for Game Design is about to have its tenth anniversary edition come out.

Raph is probably best known around these parts as the man behind the plan for Star Wars Galaxies and as a champion for what he calls "worldy" games or virtual world sandbox MMOs. His recent Q&A at MMORPG.com sparked a spate of questions and comments from our own community here at the Fringe. When asked, Raph was more than happy to drop by and answer any and all comers.

Here are all of the questions and answers in the order they were asked and answered:

kefkah wrote:
Good afternoon, Raph.

You had mentioned (somewhere in a video interview a few years back) that sandbox games were expensive because of having to constantly plan and develop against the human element. This lead to the rise of more "theme park" games and any number of features that funnel players into pretty much contained and repetitive content. We kind of see this playing out now with most MMOs that have been publish in the last few years.

Raph Koster wrote: 
It's funny... they are somewhat more expensive on the front end, but cheaper on the back end, I think, since they don't need the same sort of ongoing content hose pointed at them...

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