Nostalgic PvP: Pac-Man

Having been born in the early 80's, I can still remember going to the arcade to play some of the latest games. Riding my bike to the mall with a handful of quarters in my pocket, hoping to make them last the whole day. The arcade in my town mall looked like an afterthought. It seemed like the lights were dimmed darker every day. It was probably to hide the fact that no one ever cleaned the floor and the movie theater down the hallway sold cheap nachos and large glasses of coke. The arcade and the theater definitely shared the same stale aroma as well as the sticky floors.

As I would stroll in, I would usually survey the ill-lighted room to see if any of the newer games were available. One of the very few arcade games I had any success with at that age was Pac-Man. The Pac-Man machine was often open due to the fact that most of the other kids were playing something newer. I remember getting to the pretzel level for the first time. I was so into it at that point that I could almost taste that gorgeous blue pretzel.

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